This website was established while I was a Member of Parliament. The site content is being kept online as a source of information, but all forms / email have been disabled.

News archive 2002

December 2002
20-12-02 Families on food parcels: Edinburgh MP shows solidarity with food crisis in Africa
17-12-02 “We must pick up pieces of broken country, Zimbabwe” – Barrett
11-12-02 Barrett to take evidence over air consultation
10-12-02 Over 100,000 jobs lost in Scots manufacturing
10-12-02 Reconstruct Afghanistan before bombing Iraq - says Barrett
10-12-02 Barrett raises awareness over high blood pressure
6-12-02 Barrett calls for Fuel Allowance for disabled people
5-12-02 Barrett calls for inquiry into army deaths
5-12-02 Barrett to propose debate on Scottish manufacturing
4-12-02 Barrett backs Communication Workers against Postcomm plans
4-12-02 Barrett demands tax change to boost energy conservation
4-12-02 Barrett supports Corstorphine Christmas ‘switch on’
3-12-02 Barrett calls for Government action on Carers’ Rights Day
2-12-02 Barrett calls for greater emphasis on LPG
2-12-02 Barrett concern over benefit fraud rise
November 2002
29-11-02 Barrett supports World Aids Day
29-11-02 Barrett supports Queensferry artists
28-11-02 Barrett back “Votes are Power” campaign
28-11-02 Barrett slams Government for air consultation chaos
26-11-02 Barrett and Smith visit Edinburgh’s emergency fire services
18-11-02 “Pension to rise by 75p over 50 years” - Barrett
18-11-02 Barrett and Smith take Post Ofice campaign to Prime Minister
13-11-02 “Future of Dalmeny Post Office secure” says Barrett
11-11-02 Barrett to meet DTI Minister over Edinburgh Post Offices
5-11-02 Edinburgh firework theft raises serious questions - Barrett
5-11-02 Barrett to quiz Minister on airport expansion
5-11-02 Barrett defends local Post Offices in Commons Debate
October 2002
31-10-02 Barrett promoted in Lib Dem reshuffle
31-10-02 John Barrett comments on visit by Iain Duncan Smith to Edinburgh West
31-10-02 Barrett raises air consultation during Commons Question Time
31-10-02 Thousands back Barrett campaign on Post Offices
30-10-02 Barrett calls for action to tackle consumer debt
30-10-02 Barrett calls for new firework laws in Commons Debate
29-10-02 “Time to modernise parliament” says Barrett
29-10-02 Barrett slams Housing Benefit experiment
29-10-02 Barrett raises questions over Southern African famine
28-10-02 Invalid Care Allowance reform must benefit more - Barrett
23-10-02 “Time running out on air consultation” says Barrett
21-10-02 “Tobacco Advertising Bill a major step forward” says Barrett
21-10-02 Barrett welcomes Edinburgh boundary enquiry
September 2002
30-9-02 Barrett welcomes minimum wage increase
August 2002
7-8-02 Barrett calls for pensions justice for women
5-8-02 Barrett launches campaign to stop Post Office closures
2-8-02 Barrett seeks action to help Scotland’s deaf
1-8-02 Barrett backs Commons Committee on failure of EU aid
July 2002
31-7-02 Barrett welcomes news that Dalmeny Post Office will remain open
25-7-02 “Tell Government nuclear is not the answer” says Barrett
24-7-02 Barrett backs age equality campaign
23-7-02 Barrett calls for ban on bull bars
22-7-02 “Work of Government must not go unchecked over summer” says Barrett
18-7-02 Barrett seeks to protect workers from passive smoking
17-7-02 “Make your views known on road tolls” says Barrett


Barrett seeks assurances on Dalmeny Post Office
3-7-02 “Help poor to help themselves” says Barrett
2-7-02 “Government must do more to boost Scottish flights” says Barrett
1-7-02 Barrett launches campaign to save local newsagents
June 2002


“Government must do more to save Scottish manufacturing” says Barrett
25-6-02 “Thousands in Edinburgh failing to claim benefits they deserve” says Barrett
20-6-02 Barrett presents prizes to Corstorphine young artists
20-6-02 Barrett welcomes return of Royal Highland Show
19-6-02 Barrett backs moves to end prescription charges for chronically ill
19-6-02 Barrett seeks free trade on day of Trade Justice Lobby
17-6-02 “Minimum wage prejudice hits 7,000 Scots” says Barrett
14-6-02 Barrett seeks quick resolution to Pilton Post Office probe
14-6-02 Barrett to support Davidson's Mains Children's Gala
13-6-02 "Fuel fraud hitting Scots hard" says Barrett
12-6-02 John Barrett unveils new website
10-6-02 Consultation is key on asylum plans says Barrett
May 2002
29-5-02 Barrett seeks urgent meeting with new Asylum Minister over Turnhouse
29-5-02 Barrett welcomes fellow Edinburgh MP to top transport job
28-5-02 “Listen to those who know on asylum plans” says Barrett
28-5-02 John Barrett on Stephen Byers' resignation
27-5-02 Barrett welcomes Forth Rail Bridge maintenance contract
16-5-02 Use World Cup focus to end South Korean animal cruelty
16-5-02 Home Office insulted Parliament over asylum centres
15-5-02 Railtrack vacancies must not hold back SRA plan
15-5-02 Government must focus aid on war torn countries
13-5-02 Edinburgh Airport staff concerns must be addressed
March 2002
25-3-02 John Barrett appointed to International Development Committee
21-3-02 Byers must come to commons to explain role in rail dispute
20-3-02 Government policies building future pensioner poverty
20-3-02 Government must remember young when tackling age discrimination
18-3-02 Action required over rail delays - Barrett
13-3-02 Government must act to prevent rail freight crisis
February 2002

Barrett piles on pre-budget pressure over fuel needs of disabled

26-2-02 Barrett slams Consignia experiment
19-2-02 NATS bankruptcy must not jeopardise Prestwick project
5-2-02 Fireworks and animals report “horrifying” says Barrett
January 2002
29-1-02 Lib Dems support stricter sales regulation for energy companies
16-1-02 Tax on MacMillan must end says Barrett
16-1-02 Prestwick NATS centre must now become a reality
15-1-02 Bring film studio to central Scotland says Barrett
14-1-02 Government must now deliver on rail network – Barrett
9-1-02 Barrett slams Government on headstone VAT
8-1-02 Motorola relocation package essential says Barrett


This website was established while I was a Member of Parliament. The site content is being kept online as a source of information, but all forms / email have been disabled.