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John Barrett Launches New Fair Deal for Pensioners Campaign

Liberal Democrat MPs, including John Barrett, have published major new plans to boost the state pension by £100 a month for pensioners over 75. The move would lift over 1 million of our poorest pensioners out of means testing overnight.
The move comes after new figures showed the Government's means tested Pension Credit, introduced last year, has failed to help thousands of poorer pensioners.  Barely half of eligible pensioners inEdinburghhave signed up for Pension Credit after many pensioners complained they found applying for the benefit both complicated and degrading. 
Edinburgh West Lib Dem MP, John Barrett, has been championing the cause of local pensioners in Parliament.  He said, “Despite all the Government's promotions and all their advertising, the take-up of Pension Credit inEdinburghand throughout theUKis still abysmal.  Thousands of local pensioners are still not getting the extra financial help the need and deserve.
“The Government has to realise their obsession with means testing pensioners has failed on a massive scale.  The only guaranteed way of getting more money to the poorest pensioners is increasing the wholly inadequate state pension.  Since the poorest pensioners tend to be the oldest, Liberal Democrats want to boost the state pension for those over 75 by £100 a month and link rises to earnings.”
As part of his campaign for a fairer deal for local pensioners, John Barrett has launched a major new petition campaign.  You can show your support for the campaign by signing the online petition.

Pensions Petition

To: Gordon Brown
I the undersigned believe the means testing of pensioners through the Pension Credit is insulting and degrading and call on the Government to give pensioners a fairer deal through a substantial increase in the state pension.

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This website was established while I was a Member of Parliament. The site content is being kept online as a source of information, but all forms / email have been disabled.